Seductive fabrics and patterns

Andres Sarda y prendas de lujo

"Love at first sight", how many times didn't we get swept away like this? We often fall in love with what and whom surround us just by one simple look. We can instantly say whether or not we like something, we are fascinated, seduced by it and if we want it to be ours from that moment on. This is exactly what lingerie from Andres Sarda is looking to accomplish with one simple look: seducing men and women by converting the brand's garments to garments that are desirable.

Andres Sarda “Limited Edition”

Propuestas de desfile disponibles en edición limitada

Exclusive ideas…exclusive gifts. “Limited Edition” from Andres Sarda are two catwalk looks, exclusively black, that are now available in the boutiques of the firm en Barcelona and Madrid.

Luxury lingerie: the perfect gift for the holidays

Andres Sarda, lencería para las fiestas

Around Christmas, when we celebrate with family and friends, it doesn't only matter that one feels unique, special and elegant. We of course all wish the same for the people that are surrounding us in these moments. This is why choosin the right gift for that special person is of high importance. 

Celebrate in style

Escoger Andres Sarda para estas Navidades

The last days of the year are approaching and there is no doubt that some of you are still thinking about what to wear underneath your clothes during Christmas dinners and New Year drinks with your family, with work and/or with friends.

The look that dressed Lady Gaga

Andres Sarda y las celebrities

A couple of months ago the famous popdiva Lady Gaga shone in one of the summer 2015 designs that Andres Sarda introduced during the Mercedes Benz FashionWeek catwalk show of september 2014.

Collection Pola

Colecciones de invierno de Andres Sarda

The desire to look good, even underneath exterior clothing, is immanent in all of us women. It therefore mustn’t surprise, that the complete lingerie and swim collection of Andres Sarda is 100% thought to seduce both you as the ones who are offered a glimpse. Because, isn’t it perfect to have everything combined in designs that are surprising, seducing and avant-garde?

Andres Sarda on Pinterest

Descubre el mundo de Andres Sarda en Pinterest

In the past we have shared with you the links to our social network pages (Twitter, Instagram and Facebook). However, we might have paid less attention to another, although not less important, social network. A space where we are revealing great part of the Andres Sarda universe.  We’re talking about Pinterest. Are you following us? Or have you visited our page already?

Beauty & Make up of Voyage Sauvage

Lencería y baño Andres Sarda en Mercedes Benz Fashion Week

In a defilé e-ve-ry-thing is important, – there’s not doubt about that! –. Not the slightest detail can be left to chance. As important as the garments are, equally important are the scenery and the presentation of the collection as a whole.

Chatting with… Alberto Murtra

Alberto Murtra y los estilismos de Andres Sarda

After the defilé – that you've hopefully seen! – we want to share with you the details of the creative process behind every ANDRES SARDA defilé. We do this by talking with insiders of the fashion world, who collaborate with Andres Sarda season after season.

Today we start with stylist Alberto Murtra, usual co-operator and responsable for the creation of impressive (read: grand) stylings for every defilé.

Collection Eden from our Winter 2015 collection

Colección lencería invierno

Months are passing by faster than ever and before you know it, it’s October already. You start sensing the autumnal atmosphere in the streets, in our homes, in our offices… But is autumn present in your lingerie wardrobe too? By which we mean: do you know which lingerie garments Andres Sarda has designed especially for you this autumn/winter? Exquisite and sophisticated luxury garments that flatter the female figure and make every woman feel sensual, elegant and, above all, beautiful.