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We interview Sara Cortes, from Studio Cortés, the team responsible for the organization of every Andres Sarda defilé on the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. The studio interprets the language of fashion in their own way by conceptualizing events that overwhelm the spectator in a magical way and strengthen every brand and product. Would you like to know what responsibilities her job in the studio imply? Then make sure to read the small interview we had with Sara!

Producciones Studio Cortes

Hi Sara. You and your team see to the organization of the brand’s defilés. What does that exactly mean? What does your work for and with Andres Sarda exactly entail?

For this specific project we managed the general production of the defilé, which includes the scenographic concept and its creation; the coordination backstage and the coreography on the catwalk.


How do these ideas emerge? Who is responsable for them and/or who joins in on the creative process, who suggests a theme for the defilé and how is this idea brought to life?

The general concept of the defilé is described to us by the creative team of the brand itself, with Núria Sardá at the head, and with Alberto Murtra, stylist of the brand. Once the main concept of the defilé is definite, we meet and start with the concrete design and organization of the defilé.


What does it mean for you to work together with Andres Sarda?

It’s a dream coming true… The photos I used to see from their catwalk shows,  I remember I always watched the show live on tv. It instantly made me feel like I wanted to be a part of this project.


How would you describe the brand? What value does it bring into your life?

Andres Sarda is a fashion icone in the lingerie industry, both nationally and internationally. They bring elegance, sensuality and modernity into the life of modern women. Lady Gaga f.ex. would die for Andres Sarda!


Is there anything else you would like to tell us about a brand cooperation so close and special as the one you have with Andres Sarda?

We have been working with Andres Sarda for 6 years now. During this time we had the opportunity to grow by their side professionally. The brand has always believed in our work. I’m also convinced that the secret of our good relationship lies in the fact that the Andres Sarda image and illusion we bring to life with every fashion show, has been the same since the beginning. However, we now enjoy the benefit of having gained experience and professionalism throughout those 6 years.


Thank you Sara for letting us into your professional life by the side of ANDRES SARDA!

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