Chatting with… Alberto Murtra

After the defilé – that you've hopefully seen! – we want to share with you the details of the creative process behind every ANDRES SARDA defilé. We do this by talking with insiders of the fashion world, who collaborate with Andres Sarda season after season.

Today we start with stylist Alberto Murtra, usual co-operator and responsable for the creation of impressive (read: grand) stylings for every defilé.

Alberto Murtra y los estilismos de Andres Sarda

You are responsable, for over 14 years now, for the styling of ANDRES SARDA, both for the defilé as well as for the brand's brochures and lookbooks. What does it mean for you to work with the brand?

I have been tied to the brand for many years. Within the sphere of styling, I can say that the work I did for Andres Sarda belongs to my most fruitful and satisfying projects, given the creative freedom I receive.


Could you explain in short what your work for Andres Sarda entails?

Primarily, I deal with the art production and styling of the defilés. I’m part of the creative process from beginning; designing the concept, to end; creating the models’ looks.


How would you describe the brand? What does it add to your life and vice versa?

ANDRES SARDA is a very elegant, feminine lingerie brand, which holds quality very dear and uses the most innovative techniques and materials within the textile industry. In that point of view, I consider myself very lucky to work with such a high-end brand. Especially on a personal and professional level I believe working by the side of ANDRES SARDA is extremely enriching. They have such a professional team and their long-lasting career in the lingerie industry has been successful from the start. Appealing to my own experience, I try to add creativity by developing concepts from the same aesthetic angle as the company. This mostly results in media campaigns with high impact.


How would you describe working with the ANDRES SARDA team?

After 14 years of cooperating with the brand, I can tell you that they have a very profesional, yet understanding team. The contact is very casual which facilitates the internal communication and team projects.


In a certain way, you are responsable of hów the brand’s collections are projected on the outside world. We could say that you deal with their public (re)presentation… What type of power/responsibility does that imply?

It is definitely an important, personal challenge that you can enjoy to the fullest. My job responsibility lies in the fact that my work needs to be liked by the press and the public. This is essential for a brand and if the job is properly done, this will reflect positively in the pieces sold afterwards. I am granted carte blanche when it comes to the creative process, which for me is the highest form of power or authority I can wish for.


Do you think that it has been a mutual evolution, for you and for the brand? And if yes, in what way?

From the moment the brand was born until today, ANDRES SARDA has known a constant evolution, both on the technical and creative (concept) side. Moreover, the brand has always considered itself part of the personal evolution of women and their needs. The fact that I was part of this evolution has taught me a lot about de feminine universe of the Sarda woman.


Is there anything else you would like to tell us about your close and unforgettable cooperation with a brand like Andres Sarda?

For me, it has been a gift to work for this brand for so many years and to take in and be overwhelmed by catwalk impressions and emotions every season.


It was a great pleasure Alberto, to get to know your story and experiences at the side of ANDRES SARDA. Thank you so much for your time!

Alberto Murtra para Andres Sarda

Estilismos de Alberto Murtra para desfile de Andres Sarda