Collection Eden from our Winter 2015 collection

Months are passing by faster than ever and before you know it, it’s October already. You start sensing the autumnal atmosphere in the streets, in our homes, in our offices… But is autumn present in your lingerie wardrobe too? By which we mean: do you know which lingerie garments Andres Sarda has designed especially for you this autumn/winter? Exquisite and sophisticated luxury garments that flatter the female figure and make every woman feel sensual, elegant and, above all, beautiful.

Colección lencería invierno

We found our inspiration for this season’s collection with the grand divas from the golden age of silent movies. Pola Neri, Nita Naldi, Lya Mara… Every one of them is iconized in our new Winter collection lines. Garments, stitched together using handcrafted techniques and created in favour of all women. Lingerie that underlines the beauty of women, adapting itself perfectly to your anatomy. Lingerie manufactured without seams and with great mastery when it comes to patterns. Who would not want that: the perfect garment to emphasize the beauty you all possess?

One of these collections is Eden, which finds itself completely renewed every season. New colour combinations and design concepts fulfill the new needs and expectations of Andres Sarda women. With the sophisticated combination of navy blue silk and nude lace, the Eden collection lifts itself to a higher level of pure esthetics. A night dress that can be worn over your Eden lingerie set,  completes the collection. Do you know the series already? Isn’t it most seducing?

Let the Eden range seduce you on: or in our boutique in Barcelona (Calle Valencia, 272) and Madrid (Don Ramon de la Cruz, 14).