Collection Pola

The desire to look good, even underneath exterior clothing, is immanent in all of us women. It therefore mustn’t surprise, that the complete lingerie and swim collection of Andres Sarda is 100% thought to seduce both you as the ones who are offered a glimpse. Because, isn’t it perfect to have everything combined in designs that are surprising, seducing and avant-garde?

Colecciones de invierno de Andres Sarda

For Winter, one of the grand lingerie collections is called Pola. An alluring collection, exotic on top, telling a unique story thanks to the amazing details such as the cashmir flower that serves both as an iconic motif throughout the collection as well as a subtle element of decoration. A flower, that can be seen as the precious token of sophisticated, luxurious and handcrafted lingerie looks.

Velvet and elastic microfibre support and shape the feminine anatomy perfectly.  Who wouldn’t want its soft, light, comfortable lingerie garments to fit perfectly, emphasizing your own, natural beauty?

Colecciones de invierno de Andres Sarda

Pieces of fabric in night blue are layered over black, and coal-black is layered over a skin toned groundwork. Pola is delicate but mischievous, and knows perfectly how to obtain that sexy and provocative, yet very elegant touch.

Colección de invierno de Andres Sarda

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