Creating new lingerie collections

As the new edition of the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week is approaching, the design team – 100% concentrated on the creation process and on getting those last details in place –  has created a unique, peculiar and special universe. 

Atelier Andres Sarda Barcelona

By presenting exquisite details, and turning every garment  into a precious, sophisticated and elegant ornament, the team clearly remained faithful to the brand’s DNA.

The brand reinvented itself by using a lot of new materials and introducing very surprising styles. Nevertheless, the team’s new designs will always be in harmony with ANDRE S SARDA’s character and with what its loyal fans, by which we mean all of you reading this, expect or desire.

During the creation process new, innovative, transgressive and avant-garde ideas arose with the aim of assembling a collection, full of suggestive, alluring, flattering and utterly comfortable garments. Ideas that result in an own universe for every collection and every defilé.

Pasos previos en el proceso de diseño

Proceso de creación colecciones Andres Sarda

Inspiración y proceso de creación Andres Sarda

Fabrics of the very best quality, delicate details applied by hand to the garments, … All of which was managed throughout the year, through hard and long working days, in which several persons of the design department brainstormed and showcased their visions about new lines for the collection.