The look that dressed Lady Gaga

A couple of months ago the famous popdiva Lady Gaga shone in one of the summer 2015 designs that Andres Sarda introduced during the Mercedes Benz FashionWeek catwalk show of september 2014.

Andres Sarda y las celebrities

During a visit to Peruggia to attend a Jazz festival, the extravagant, versatile singer wore the mesh trouser suit with wide sleeves and briefs (from the same Spring Summer 2015 First Class campaign from Andres Sarda). Lady Gaga had three photos taken from her while showing off the look in the plane that was taking her to Italy. You can imagine how honoured we were to see these pictures, especially as they suited perfectly to the theme of our First Class campaign.

For those who are having a hard time to remember, in this campaign ANDRES SARDA methaporically sent air hostesses from over the whole world on the catwalk to compete in a "beauty pageant".

You can relive this spectacle by looking at the video of the catwalk show.

Lady Gaga con un look de desfile de Andres Sarda

¿What is your opinion of the look presented here by Lady Gaga?

Another very special way of wearing this look is this one. Maybe you stumbled upon it too while reading the last edition of the exquisite fashion magazine Vein? Have a look!

Editorial con prendas de desfile de Andres Sarda

Editoriales con Andres Sarda

Great how one look can work in so many different styles and surroundings. Which one do you prefer?