Núria Sardà

After having built a career in Europe, Núria Sardà returned to her roots in Spain to become Head of the Design Department in the company her father had founded in the sixties. That company was Andres Sarda, pioneer in the sector of women’s lingerie and swimwear.


Before Núria Sardà became Creative Director, she had already engaged in several activities such as the importation of lace, the set-up of a commercial network in Germany (when she was responsible for emerging markets), and had also boosted sales figures in France.

In 1996 she eventually joined the Design Department, working at her father’s side. Initially she mainly coordinated the Andres Sarda collections, until she finally became head of the department after two years.

The designs of the brand have always been avant-garde, suggestive, feminine, whilst perfectly reconciling comfort with elegance and femininity.   Remaining true to the tradition of her father, Núria and her designing team create refined garments every season. Garments that emphasize the female body and its curves in a natural, delicate way. Garments that ooze style, that are composed of the best materials and that can keep surprising.