Seductive fabrics and patterns

"Love at first sight", how many times didn't we get swept away like this? We often fall in love with what and whom surround us just by one simple look. We can instantly say whether or not we like something, we are fascinated, seduced by it and if we want it to be ours from that moment on. This is exactly what lingerie from Andres Sarda is looking to accomplish with one simple look: seducing men and women by converting the brand's garments to garments that are desirable.

Andres Sarda y prendas de lujo

A simple look can suffice to have you crushing on something or somebody but... it is also important to keep the fire burning if you want it to last. You have to know the garment - that tiny piece of exclusive luxury - well.  You have to subtly discover the fabrics that were used to make it and stay fascinated with their quality, details and the meticulous, caring work they required.

It is a love that keeps growing thanks to the perfection of the fabrics ANDRES SARDA chooses to design its fine, sophisticated and elegant garments with.

Leavers lace, manufactured in the northern of France, fine and delicate.The finest lace from Lyon, the highest quality. Microfibre made by the last generation having knowledge of lace and its espectacular manufacturing process. Fine and soft, but at the same time styling the female body and its natural shapes with jacquard motives and embroidery on transparent tull. The highest quality fabrics for a highly luxurious collection.

Do you know which garments we are talking about? Discover them now on our website and in stores!

Tejidos de lujo

Lencería de lujo de Andres Sarda