Where to enjoy your ANDRES SARDA swimwear?

July, summer, sun, heat… one of the most special and long-awaited seasons of the year has finally arrived. It’s presenting itself in front of us, for us all to enjoy it at the fullest. 

The time has come to enjoy the fresh air, to get away from the chaos, to lie down in the sun and thus to pick those perfect swim pieces. Pieces that reaffirm who we are, that make us feel good and that surprise us and the others that accompany us on our daily journey. Pieces that are suggestive, avant-garde, fetching and seductive. Pieces that prioritize comfort but always remain elegant, alluring and stylish.


Are you ready to choose that piece? Ready to go out and put on that special, attractive bikini or daring swimsuit? And if so, where do you dream of spotlighting it? Where would you want to be now, wearing and enjoying your ANDRES SARDA swimwear? The desolated coves of Formentera, Niza, the Greek islands, or secret corners of Croatia…? The time has come!